About us

Welcome to Sha-Sume` Persians. My name is Hedwig and I live in Krugersdorp, South Africa. I own a very small cageless cattery and my cats are ultimately and foremost my pets. Breeding Persian cats is my hobby as I have a full time job. My aim is to breed strong, healthy kittens with a sweet nature that meet international breed and show standards. My foundation cats are all inported and I work with lines such as Budmar, Artemis, Harwood, Couronne, Candirand, Pizzacata, Granddelight, Wishstar, Fabuls, Ocalicos, Bolo, Catillak, Wattkatz, Vondeens, Joleigh and Farallon.

I do have kittens available from time to time, so if you are interested in one of my babies, please feel free to contact me. The happiness and wellbeing of my kittens are very important to me after they leave my home and therefore all cats and kittens are sold with a contract. Kittens sold as pets are neutered or spayed before they leave my home.

2005 was a totally awesome year for me as my darling boy, Mr Cruise, was chosen as the overall best male shown at CFSA and also as the CFSA Cat of the Year. I would therefore like to dedicate this site to Cruise, his mom (Vondeen's Dream), his father (Fabuls Chippendale Dancer) and his only surviving litter sister (and love of my life) Bella !!!

Thank you very much to everybody in South Africa that helped me to get started with my breeding programme and also to all my friends overseas that trusted me with their beautiful babies. There are two catteries that I feel I owe a special thanks to. Thank you Leonard and Nancy Duckett (Ocalicos Persians) for all the wonderful cats that you have sent me and for always being willing to give me advice on showing, grooming, breeding, etc. Then... Vikki Valentine (Fabuls Persians) for sending me the ultimate in Persian cats, and my obsession, GC RW Fabuls Chippendale Dancer. Chips is the first and only cat with RW status that has ever been imported to South Africa. If it was not for Vikki, I would not be able to own cats from Budmar or Sunny Ridge, as Vikki has always agreed to be the middle man, to do all the hard work and to send the cats to South Africa after receiving them from Maurice or Sharon.

I would also like to thank Purina for selecting my cattery out of hundreds of others and offering me a wonderful sponsor. Cruise was chosen as Purina's new "spokes cat" to launch Purina One website as well as all Purina One's advertisements. Last but not least, thank you to my family for all your support. Without you guys I would not be able to live my dream !!